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Museum Movement Techniques engage and empower children to discover and create personal meaning for museum objects.

What is Museum Movement Techniques (MMT)?

Museum Movement Techniques (MMT) is an original approach using movement strategies to learn about museum objects. Based on theories supportive of using movement as a catalyst to learn, MMT, integrates kinesthetic learning and museum education principles. 

Training Workshops:
Three Variations of Facilitation                                                        

Museum Movement Techniques are appropriate for three groups of professionals with three different levels of skills: The museum educator, the classroom educator and the movement educator.

Workshop topics include:

bulletunderstanding of rationale



qualitative research

bulletmuseum object selection criteria
bulleteducational linking to national competency standards.
bulletassessment tools

Museum Educators: Workshops

MMT Workshop enables museum educators to broaden their audience base by including the kinesthetic learner. Workshops are designed to allow educators to experience techniques and then craft experiences using MMT to meet their educational objectives.

Classroom Educators: Workshops

MMT Workshop develops an understanding of how kinesthetic learning strategies embellish educational objectives and provides an integrated arts learning experience. Emphasis is placed on meaningful connections between arts learning and curriculum connections.

Movement Educators: Workshops

MMT Workshop provides background understanding of important museum policy issues and educational philosophy. Emphasis is placed on MMT skills that elicit personal  movement interpretation of museum object. 

Shelley Kruger Weisberg, a Kinesthetic Learning Consultant, provides consulting services and training workshops
for museum educators, docents and classroom teachers. Museum Movement Techniques (MMT) is an original approach
designed to engage the visitor emotionally, mentally and physically in the process of discovering and creating meaning for
museum objects. MMT allows educators to craft memorable and enjoyable arts integration learning experiences.

© Shelley Kruger Weisberg, 2006 All rights reserved.