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The flexibility of techniques allows for application to a variety of museum settings: Children's, History, Science and Art Museums.

1 - Children's Museum
2 - Children's Museum
3 - History Museum
4 - History Museum
5 - Art Museum
6 - Art Museum
7 - Art Museum

MMT Workshop Children's Museum
Shelley with Docents at Children's Museum of Richmond Museum educators at the Children's Museum of Richmond experiencing MMT.

Children's Museum Educators Chldren's Museum docents in MMT exercise Next museum educators design and facilitate a movement experience using techniques, museum object selection criteria and educational linking.

MMT Workshop History MuseumShelley with Docents at Maritime Museum Museum Movement Techniques are "user friendly" and are designed for educators with no prior training in kinesthetic learning strategies. Educators are coached in "movement management" skills. 

History Museum Docents Maritime Museum docents in MMT exercise
Educators at The Maritime Museum in Newport News, Virginia work together to recreate the parts of a 19th Century sailing ship and set sail following navigational commands.

MMT Workshop Art MuseumShelley with docents at Art Museum Museums of the 21st century are vital, stimulating, visitor oriented places of learning. MMT serves as another point of access into content and broadens the museum audience to include the kinesthetic learner.

Art Museum DocentsArt museum docents in MMT exercise
The Chrysler Museum of Art docents "map" the sinuous lines of Jackson Pollock's Number 23. As professional development for interpretive strategies, Museum Movement Techniques can bring a docent corps much closer together.

Art Museum DocentArt museum docent Docents see how they can craft meaningful and moving museum experiences  with Museum Movement Techniques!"

Shelley Kruger Weisberg, a Kinesthetic Learning Consultant, provides consulting services and training workshops
for museum educators, docents and classroom teachers. Museum Movement Techniques (MMT) is an original approach
designed to engage the visitor emotionally, mentally and physically in the process of discovering and creating meaning for
museum objects. MMT allows educators to craft memorable and enjoyable arts integration learning experiences.

© Shelley Kruger Weisberg, 2006 All rights reserved.